Hurricane Tracking Software FAQ

 (TTE = Tracking The Eye)

Q) I am seeing an error that contains the following lines

   at TTENET.MainForm.InitializeComponent()
   at TTENET.MainForm..ctor()

A) Sometimes this is caused by a domain change or upgrade. Simply follow these directions

1) Completely uninstall Tracking The Eye
2) Go here and make sure the directory is cleaned out C:\Program Files\
3) Then reinstall Tracking The Eye from here (It will auto install the framework and the program)

Q) I am getting the following Error:

       Could not load file or assembly. System.EnterpriseServices.Wrapper.dll

A) This is usually caused by the .NET framework not being loaded or corrupt.
Please install or reinstall the latest framework (Free from Microsoft)

Q) I get this Error - "The .Net Data OLE DB Provider(System.Data.OleDb) requires Microsoft Data Access Components(MDAC) version 2.6 or later. Version 2.53.6200.0 was found currently installed." - How Do I fix it?

A) That is because you have an old MDAC version on your machine, you can get the latest free from Microsoft here.

Q) Does Tracking The Eye Spyware/Adware or anything like that?
A) 100% NO...WE HATE SPYWARE, we get revenues from orders, not addware, if we added Adware or Spyware no one would want to order, so no, we hate it and fight it, and our servers are scanned for these types of programs constantly.  Feel confident that if you download Tracking The Eye that you are only gettting Tracking The Eye.

Q) Do you have a Macintosh version?

A) No we do not *but* we do have a mini iPhone version.  You can get it at the appstore.

Q) I lost my registration number where can I find it?

A) Tracking The Eye stores your registration information in the file called trackeye.ini in your Windows directory, open the file and look under the Registration Info section for your name and number.

"Registration Info:
Name=Your Name

Q) I lost my registration and I looked in the trackeye.ini file and I still can not find it, what now?

A) We can look up your registration but you must send this complete information, this information will be verified for its legitimacy:

Phone number
Original email address when registered
The approximate date you registered
Method of registration you used (Internet - 1-800 number - Postal Mail)


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